Code Calendar

Code Calendar is a web application designed to create a <fun learning environment> for kids to solve problems with <code>.

Code Calendar events will run every <two months>, for one week straight. Each day of the event, a new problem is released. Competitors are given a problem description, and can sign in to get their <problem input>.

Signing in utilizes <Google's OAuth 2.0> platform, meaning Code Calendar isn't in charge of account security. When users sign in with Google, Code Calendar is authorized to use their <Google Session ID>. From there, Code Calendar creates/gets the user from the database, completing the login process.

After signing in, Code Calendar uses user UUIDs to generate personalized problem input. Problem input generation runs on a <Java Webserver>. By setting the seed of a random number generator as a user's UUID, user input is randomized per-user.

Platforms used
• HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Java (17.0.2)
• PHP (7.4.3)
• MySQL (8.0.31)
• Ubuntu (20.04)
• Google OAuth API (2.13.0)

Software Used
• IntelliJ IDEA (Java Webserver Development)
• Visual Studio Code (Everything Else)

Additional Statistics
+30 hours spent
+3,500 lines of code
Project started days ago
(Dec 10th, 2022)